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WHO says COVID-19 is ‘once-in-a-century health crisis whose effects will be felt for decades’

WHO says COVID-19 is a ‘once-in-a-century health crisis and its effects will be felt for decades to come’ as it warns pandemic will be ‘lengthy’

  • World Health Organization’s emergency committee met in Geneva on Saturday
  • Panel met six months after it declared COVID-19 a global health emergency 
  • WHO warned that pandemic would be ‘lengthy’ in duration 
  • WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said effects would be long-lasting
  • At least 680,000 people worldwide have died during the pandemic 

The World Health Organization on Saturday warned the coronavirus pandemic was likely to be ‘lengthy’ and that is effects would be felt far into the future after its emergency comm...

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Deutsche Bank probes Trump and Kushner’s personal banker over 2013 purchase of Park Avenue apartment

Deutsche Bank probes Trump and Kushner’s personal banker over the Park Avenue apartment she bought from a company partly owned by president’s son-in-law for $1.5million in 2013

  • Deutsche Bank launches internal investigation into 2013 real estate purchase 
  • Rosemary Vrablic and two subordinates bought a Park Avenue apartment 
  • They paid $1.5million to firm partly owned by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner 
  • At the time, Vrablic was Kushner’s and Trump’s banker at Deutsche Bank 
  • Banks normally don’t allow employees to conduct personal business with clients
  • There is no indication that apartment was purchased at below market value 
  • Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank have come under scrutiny since his 2016 election
  • German bank lent Trump hundreds of millions when no other bank would 
  • Lawmakers and...
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Kanye West along with son Saint West gets picked up by a private jet in Cody, Wyoming

Make or break for Kanye and Kim? Rapper is picked up by a private jet in Wyoming amid rumors that he’s jetting off on vacation with his wife and family following series of meltdowns that have left ‘marriage on brink’

  • Rapper, 43, was seen on the tarmac at a local airport in Cody, Wyoming on Sunday, boarding a private jet with son Saint, four
  • It wasn’t confirmed that Kim, 39, was in the jet with their other children but sources say it took off from LA before picking Kanye up in Wyoming
  • There’s speculation Kanye is taking a break after a month of bizarre Twitter meltdowns, public overshares, and an emotionally charged presidential rally
  • Kiim was last seen with her husband of six years last week, when she flew solo to their ranch in Wyoming 
  • The pair were pictured having an emotional exchang...
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مایکروسافت می گوید آن است که ‘آماده به کاوش خرید Infinite’ در آمریکا پس از آن مدیر عامل صحبت کرد به تهمت

مغلوب ساختن پیشی جستن مدیر عامل مایکروسافت می گوید او ممکن است اجازه می دهد تا آنها را به خرید Infinite در ایالات متحده تنها در صورتی از آن را جدا از چین زیر ممنوعیت تهدید به سیاتل فن آوری های غول پیکر تایید آن آماده شده است به کاوش خرید’

  • رئیس جمهور تهدید کرده بود به ممنوعیت Infinite در ایالات متحده در اوایل روز شنبه
  • در بیانیه ای که یکشنبه مایکروسافت گفت: این آماده است برای ادامه بحث به کاوش خرید Infinite در ایالات متحده آمریکا
  • مقامات ایالات متحده بارها و بارها گفت: Infinite...
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Downcast Ellen DeGeneres steps out for stroll with friend in Santa Monica amid career speculation

Downcast Ellen DeGeneres steps out for a stroll with a pal in Santa Monica as TV exec reveals she will NOT quit her show, despite backlash over staff claims of a toxic work environment and rumors that James Corden could replace her in the time slot

  • Ellen DeGeneres was photographed taking a walk with an unidentified friend on Saturday afternoon in Santa Monica  
  • The stroll came as reports emerged she will not quit her daytime TV show amid a number of allegations
  • She is scheduled to report for work this month for ‘Ellen’s Games of Games’ and the ‘Ellen Show’ is scheduled to premier September 9
  • But TV host James Corden is reportedly being considered to replace Ellen in her popular timeslot 
  • Actors Brad Garrett and Lea Thompson have publicly claimed that Ellen treats other poorly 
  • Only celeb...
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Senior House Democrat James Clyburn says Donald Trump ‘doesn’t plan to have an election’

Senior House Democrat James Clyburn says Donald Trump ‘doesn’t plan to have an election and he’s not planning to give up the office’ after comparing the president to a dictator

  • The House Majority Whip told CNN Sunday Trump will try to ‘hold onto office’ 
  • Trump had on Thursday suggested delaying the November election 
  •  ‘He’s not planning to give up the office’, Clyburn had told PBS on Friday
  • He added: ‘He thinks that the American people will be duped by him, like the people of Germany was duped by Adolf Hitler’
  • On Sunday Clyburn compared Trump to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini

Senior House Democrat James Clyburn on Sunday doubled down on his comments comparing Donald...

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‘Trump wants the election to be on November 3rd’ President’s campaign adviser claims

‘Trump wants the election to be on November 3rd’: President’s campaign adviser denies Donald wants to delay the vote – despite suggesting it on Twitter days earlier

  • Donald Trump’s senior campaign adviser Jason Miller said Sunday the president wants the November elections to happen as scheduled 
  • ‘The election is going to be on November 3rd and President Trump wants the election to be on November 3rd,’ Miller asserted
  • He added that Democrats are the ones who want to delay the election
  • Miller’s comment come after Trump suggested last week that government ‘delay the election until people can properly, securely and safely vote’
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said last week that election will happen on November 3 as scheduled
  • Other Republicans, including Trump allies, said the election...
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White supremacist couple arrested for hate crimes after road rage attack

White supremacist couple, both 29, are arrested for hate crimes after they attacked a car with a shovel and screamed ‘only white lives matter’ at the couple inside while throwing Nazi salutes

  • Gregory and Rachel Howell, both 29, were arrested and charged with vandalism and hate crimes on Friday in Torrance, California 
  • The couple were filmed confronting Itzel Lopez, a Mexican woman, and her black boyfriend in a road race incident on July 22 
  • Lopez said the Howells followed them for several miles before getting out of their pickup truck at a stoplight   
  • She filmed Rachel flipping her off and yelling: ‘Only white lives matter’ 
  • The video also shows Gregory throwing his arm up in a Nazi salute before grabbing a pole from his truck and hitting Lopez’s car multiple times
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California becomes first state to pass 500,000 coronavirus cases

More than 1,000 Americans die from coronavirus for the fifth day running while California sets grim record and becomes first state to record more than half a million cases

  • As of Saturday, California has recorded 500,130 cases, the first state to do so  
  • The state’s health department also reported an additional 219 deaths, which set a new record for the number of deaths reported in a single day for the state  
  • That record was last broken on Wednesday when California recorded 176 deaths
  • Meanwhile, the US has topped 1,000 deaths for the fifth day in a row, data shows 
  • Data from COVID Tracking Project shows 1,172 deaths were reported Saturday
  • Wednesday marked the biggest single-day increase in coronavirus-related deaths since May after more than 1,500 fatalities were reported in the US
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New York City has had more shootings in 2020 than in the whole of 2019 as man becomes 777th victim

New York City has already had more shootings in 2020 than in the whole of 2019 as man hit by stray bullet becomes 777th victim with five months still to go

  • New York City on Saturday night surpassed the gun shootings total for 2019
  • There have been 777 shootings so far this year, according to NYPD data
  • In the whole of 2019 the city recorded 776 shootings
  • The greatest number of shootings have been in Brownsville and East New York
  • The Upper West Side has seen the largest percentage increase in gun violence
  • Between June 1-30, there was a 130 per cent increase in the number of shootings

New York City has had more shootings this year than in the whole of 2019, after anot...

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