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Father and son are beaten to death by burglar with a baseball bat

Father and son are beaten to death by burglar with a baseball bat as 10-year-old grandson calls 911 and locks himself in bathroom

  • Ezekiel Hopkins, 34, faces charges of murder and aggravated assault 
  • Hopkins is accused of bludgeoning to death John Savey, 61, and injuring his wife, Lisa, and also killing their 30-year-old son, James 
  • Police in Florida say the couple confronted Hopkins as he was trying to steal their car 
  • John and Lisa’s 10-year-old grandson called 911 to report the attack and hid in the bathroom 
  • Hopkins was hospitalized after possibly ingesting bleach before police arrived  

Ezekiel Hopkins, 34 (pictured in a 2012 mugshot), faces charges of murder and aggravated assault for allegedly killing a father and son, and injuring the older victim's wife

Ezekiel Hopkins, 34 (pictured in a 2012 mugshot), faces charges of ...

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Coronavirus world map: which countries have the most Covid-19 cases and deaths?

Since first being recorded late last year in China, the Covid-19 coronavirus has spread around the world, and been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. However, differences in testing mean that the number of cases may be understated for some countries.

Obviously, larger countries tend to have higher numbers both of cases and of deaths. But there are many other factors in play, such as the demographic profiles of the countries; countries with ageing populations may be hit harder because the disease is more dangerous to older people.

The number of deaths is a more dependable indicator. The disease has hit certain countries, including Brazil, the UK and the US, with particular cruelty.

Johns Hopkins University publishes cases and deaths data for most co...

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Trump Still Defers to Putin, Even as He Dismisses U.S. Intelligence and the Allies

WASHINGTON — On the eve of accepting the Republican nomination for president four years ago, Donald J. Trump declared that he would pull out of NATO if American allies did not pay more for their defense, waving away the thought that it would play into the hands of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who has spent his career trying to dismantle the Western alliance.

Asked about his deference to the Kremlin leader, Mr. Trump responded, “He’s been complimentary of me.”

This week, as his renomination nears, Mr. Trump announced that he was pulling a third of American troops from Germany. He declared in recent days that he had never raised with Mr...

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The Goldbergs’ Bryan Callen is accused of sexual assault

The Goldbergs star Bryan Callen is accused of sexual assault by four women, including actress who claimed he raped her at his home and comedian who said he offered her stage time in exchange for oral sex

  • Four women, including actress Kathryn Tigerman and comedian Tiffany King, accused Bryan Callen of sexual misconduct 
  • Tigerman, 44, said Callen, 53, raped her at his home in Los Angeles in 1999
  • Comic Tiffany King said Callen offered her stage time and money in exchange for oral sex in 2017, while she was in the middle of a divorce and custody battle
  • Former American Apparel worker Rachel Green claimed Callen forcibly kissed her in fitting room in 2009 
  • Aspiring actress and barista Claire Ganshert claimed she and Callen had four-year affair, and that he once told her women ‘desire to be rap...
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Fauci ‘cautiously optimistic’ US could have vaccine by end of the year

Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease expert, has told the US Congress he is “cautiously optimistic” that a “safe and effective” coronavirus vaccine will be available to the public by the end of 2020 during a hearing in Washington marked by testy exchanges between Fauci and senior Republicans loyal to Donald Trump.

Fauci told US lawmakers on a House of Representatives subcommittee examining the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic that he was skeptical of fast-track vaccine efforts in Russia and China, suggesting the US would not need to depend on other countries for its own vaccine.

“We hope that by the time we get into late fall and early winter, we will have in fact a vaccine that we can say that would be safe and effective...

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How Italy Turned Around Its Coronavirus Calamity

ROME — When the coronavirus erupted in the West, Italy was the nightmarish epicenter, a place to avoid at all costs and a shorthand in the United States and much of Europe for uncontrolled contagion.

“You look at what’s going on with Italy,” President Trump told reporters on March 17. “We don’t want to be in a position like that.” Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic nominee, used Italy’s overwhelmed hospitals as evidence for his opposition to Medicare for All at a presidential debate. “It is not working in Italy right now,” he said.

Fast forward a few months, and the United States has suffered tens of thousands more deaths than any country in the world. European states that once looked smugly at Italy are facing new flare-ups...

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Outrageous mother-in-law interrupts her son’s wedding ceremony

Outrageous moment a mother-in-law interrupts the bride’s personalized vows to claim that her son has ‘no flaws’ before threatening to have guests arrested

  • An angry mother-in-law disrupts her son’s wedding ceremony after bride’s vows 
  • Bride Anna Larrabee, 29, is seen telling her mother-in-law, Judy, to leave  
  • Video was shared to TikTok by Anna’s sister Sarah Ragsdale, from California  
  • She wrote that Anna’s mother-in-law ‘always hated her’ for ‘taking her son’
  • The incident took place at the couple’s August 2017 ceremony in Joshua Tree
  • However the clips have only just been shared – and they quickly went viral 

This is the outrageous moment a mother-in-law interrupts her son...

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Coronavirus cases rise 54% in mainland France in a week

Health authorities in France have confirmed a “marked increase” of 54% in the number of coronavirus cases across the French mainland since last week.

The rise covered all age groups but the public health authority said the rise was particularly worrying in those aged between 20 and 30. There was also an increase in the number of patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19, and the figures for those requiring intensive care went up by one – the first time the figure has increased in 16 weeks.

As France prepared for a heatwave, people were being urged to keep their face coverings on despite the soaring temperatures, expected to reach 41C (106F) in some areas.

The number of new cases in the previous 24 hours was 1,377, only slightly fewer than the previous day, which was ...

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Wear Your Mask. Please. No, Not on Your Chin.

KEY WEST, Fla. — Rachel Kobylas longs for the days when her job as a code enforcement officer in the laid-back Florida town of Key West meant that she drove around making sure people turned off noisy power tools after 7 p.m.

She went after overgrown grass, unpermitted construction and boats illegally parked on the street. That all changed this summer, when her main challenge became convincing the tourists, bartenders, T-shirt shop sales clerks and fishermen who flock along Key West’s sweltering streets in shorts and flip-flops that they should also be wearing a mask.

And not just on their chin.

“There have been some really negative interactions,” said Ms...

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American Cancer Society advises ‘individuals with a cervix’

‘Just say women’: American Cancer Society is slammed for saying ‘individuals with a cervix’ instead of ‘women’ in their latest pap test guidance

  • The American Cancer Society has been slammed for advice telling ‘individuals with a cervix’ to go for cancer screenings, rather than ‘women’
  • The ACS appears to have used ‘individuals with a cervix’, rather than ‘women’ in their guidance because transgender individuals can also have a cervix  
  • Cervical cancer screening is now recommended to start at 25, instead of 21, and HPV testing should begin at 25 rather than 30 
  • It follows a controversy involving JK Rowling, when she mocked the phrase ‘people who menstruate’ 

 The Amer...

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